A dynamic professional speaker and coach who engages through a variety of platforms to create customized messaging and programs to meet the needs of organizations, events, teams and individuals. The combination of profound, personal experience with specialized techniques and tools inspires audiences to shift perspective, recognize purpose and incorporate sustainable improvements into management of their careers and personal lives. It is NEVER to late to level up and be all that you were created to be.

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Inspirational speaking comes in many forms and goes by many names. Judy has overcome adversity, beat the odds, and invested countless hours into helping people define and align with their best self regardless of their circumstances. Judy is your resource to encourage, engage, and empower your audiences towards transformation.

Coaching is a confidential partnership between Judy and you. Judy will utilize a thought-provoking and creative process to empower and equip you so that you gain clarity on what you want most and reach your fullest potential. You’ll realize that these meaningful and lasting changes will result in heightened self-awareness and increased confidence, regardless of your title, status or position.

Workshops or retreats can be half or full days developed specifically around a theme or topic. Whether on- or off-site, these events foster growth through exploration and participation, providing you the necessary tools to integrate into your life while activating your desire to level up.

About Judy Hehr

Judy Hehr’s influence extends worldwide, marked by her impactful addresses delivered on national stages. Grounded in her unwavering faith, Judy penned the influential book ‘SHATTERED,’ showcasing her profound insights and extensive experience. Complementing her literary work, she hosted the beloved radio show ‘Journey with Judy’ for seven impactful years, resonating deeply with audiences.

At the core of Judy’s narrative lies her profound connection to faith, shaping her perspectives and infusing her speeches with deep wisdom and compassion. Her unyielding faith serves as a guiding light, whether she’s delivering dynamic keynote presentations at events or conducting workshops and multi-session formats, inspiring individuals, and organizations toward greatness.

Acknowledged as a ‘dynamic messenger’ and an ‘open vessel to miracles,’ spending time with Judy Hehr is a powerful reminder of God’s boundless love and passion for humanity. As a spiritual motivator and inspirational speaker, Judy is celebrated for her engaging, entertaining, and knowledgeable approach. Through her humor and real-life experiences, she adeptly bridges gaps, connecting people and selflessly offering the gift of understanding and connection to inspire impactful change.

Let’s Level Up!

Judy Hehr offers personalized guidance and support, empowering individuals on their journey regardless of age, stage of life, faith, or level of leadership towards growth and enlightenment so that they can better navigate life challenges with confidence, courage, resilience, and faith.

Inner Fulfillment

Engage with Judy to unlock deeper levels of personal contentment and fulfillment to find greater awareness of yourself.

Navigate Challenges

Judy empowers you to know better and do better, and to approach challenges with confidence and courage.

Spiritual Connection

Experience an enriched spiritual journey, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and with a higher purpose with Judy.

Personal Growth

Connect with Judy to embark on a journey of personal growth, gaining clarity and empowerment to pursue your aspirations and goals.

Discover Your WHO!

Judy’s Ignite Series is a monthly virtual gathering to help you uncover WHO you are!

“Judy’s Ignite Series….WHO you are!” This series will IGNITE, spark, excite, and elicite focus on your desired outcomes,
consciously choosing what you desire and taking the steps to get there.

Ignite Series Topics

Judgement-Free January

Learn how to stop judging and start valuing every person and experience in your life

Feelings February

Learn how to know, navigate and negotiate your feelings in powerful positive  and productive ways

Manifest It March

Learn how to manifest what you want and eliminate and alleviate what gets in the way

Awareness April

Learn how self-awareness can be the greatest agent for change in your life

Motivation May

Learn how to choose a mindset over a mood, and not only to get motivated, but to stay motivated

Journey June

Learn how to embrace all aspects of life as a journey while, trusting in the destination

Justify July

Learn how to radically own who you are, and the powerful way in which justification gets in the way every day

Authenticity August

Learn about the “who” you never knew in order to unconditionally and authentically be better than ever

Saboteur September

Learn how our superpowers can also work as saboteurs stealing the Lovejoy, peace and contentment, we desire

Opinion October

Learn how our opinions can get in the way of valuing ourselves and others

Navigate November

Learn how to plan, decide and direct your energy to the things you want most

Decision December

Learn how indecision can be a prison and the steps to decide and do

Connect With Judy

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with Judy? Connect with her today to explore how her empowering keynote speeches, coaching, the Ignite Series, or facilitation can elevate your team or event. Judy welcomes the opportunity to collaborate, share insights, and inspire lasting positive change. Fill out the form to start the conversation and bring Judy’s unwavering passion and wisdom to your world.