Judy Hehr:
Spiritual Motivator &
Inspirational Speaker

Judy to be featured on EWTN in March!

It is with a humble and grateful heart Judy would like to announce that she will be sharing her faith journey with Marcus Grodi on the Journey Home, the weekly EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) television show as well as taping an episode of Mr. Grodiís weekly EWTN radio show, Deep in Scripture.


Judy will be traveling to Ohio to tape both shows in February. The Journey Home, will air in late March 2012 on the EWTN channel. The Deep in Scripture episode, where Judy will discuss her favorite scripture quote will also air late March on EWTN radio.


Judy truly believes this opportunity is a direct result of prayers received for her ministry from supporters like you. Please continue to pray for her guidance from the Holy Spirit; she asks for Godís grace to use her as His instrument the way He intends.


Now, in its 28th year, EWTN has become the largest religious media network in the world, transmitting programming 24 hours a day to more than 148 million homes in 144 countries and territories on more than 4,800 cable systems, wireless cable, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), low power TV and individual satellite users.


For over fourteen years, at the invitation of Mother Angelica, Marcus Grodi has hosted the Journey Home program on EWTN. The audience tunes in each week to hear Marcus interview yet another guest who describes how the Holy Spirit opened his or her heart to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church.


Deep in Scripture is a live weekly scripture study hosted by Marcus Grodi and broadcasted on EWTN Radio. Every Wednesday at 2:00 pm Marcus invites special guests to discuss various scriptural topics. A live video stream is also available to bring this insightful and inspirational program to your home or office.


Marcus Grodi is a former Protestant pastor who, after converting to the Catholic Church founded The Coming Home Network International, which has assisted almost 2000 ministers from over 100 non-Catholic traditions. He is the author of four books: Pillar & Bulwark, How Firm A Foundation, Journeys Home, and Thoughts for the Journey Home.


Thank you again for your continued support and prayers! Have a blessed 2012.